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E-Session :: Lauren + Cameron :: Collingwood, ON
posted August 4th, 2010 by Stacey

I will be posting more weddings soon but first…..Lauren and Cameron’s engagement session.

We met on July 16 at Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood. Lauren and Cameron both ski/snowboard so Blue Mountain seemed like an appropriate location as part of our session.

We didn’t venture up the ski hill because a nice person that worked at Blue came along on a four-wheeler and stopped to tell us that there was poison ivy up on the hill. Lauren and I definitely weren’t too into risking it so we just hung out in the grass at the bottom of the hill.

After we finished at Blue Mountain, we drove to the Collingwood Airport for some photos.  Cam is an Aircraft Engineer at Pearson which is how he met Lauren because she used to work there.  Since we were so close to an airport, it made sense to do some photos here for the significance factor.  I learned some interesting tidbits from Lauren and Cameron about these types of planes (I was looking at alot of them wondering how anyone had the guts to fly some of them - they were all totally cute, but seemed more like life-size Fisher Price toys than something that actually flew in the air!).

We finished our session at Sunset Point Beach.

I am looking forward to photographing Lauren and Cameron’s wedding day in Muskoka this coming fall!