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posted May 30th, 2009 by Stacey

Speaking of Destination Weddings, back in February I met Karen from at Canada’s Wedding Expo in Toronto.  I was really thankful Karen introduced herself to me because I was able to learn more about what this website is and how awesome it’s becoming!! is the Ultimate Guide to Destination Weddings & Honeymoons and is a great resource tool for Canadian Brides.  Destination reviews, tips on planning your wedding away, a list of wedding vendors and much more!  You will definitely want to sign up for’s newsletter:

As a bonus, you may create a stunning wedding website at - free of charge! is a new website and will be growing over time before your eyes.  Be sure to visit and bookmark this site as a new favourite for your destination wedding planning needs.

posted May 27th, 2009 by Stacey

Jenn and Jimmy (01.16.08 - Majestic Colonial Resort, Punta Cana, D.R.) are featured on this week! Check out the article “Scottish Flair” at their “Real Weddings” section:

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posted May 26th, 2009 by Stacey

Wow!  So that (finally!) wraps it up for my 2008 season!  This year I promise not to get so far behind in blogging!

Here is a summary of my 2008 season if you care to reminisce!


  1. 01.11.08 - Amy & Allen - Grand Palladium Resorts, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  2. 01.15.08 - Mylagh & Rick - Ocean Blue Golf and Beach Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  3. 01.16.08 - Jenn & Jimmy - Majestic Colonial Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  4. 01.26.08 - Jenn & Yuron - Majestic Colonial Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  5. 04.12.08 - Katie & Pat - Thunder Bay, ON
  6. 04.19.08 - Jen & Francesco - The Match Restaurant, Woodbridge ON
  7. 05.03.08 - Kearin & Brian - Talisman Mountain Resort, Kimberley ON
  8. 05.24.08 - Melissa & Mathew - Collingwood, ON (Ceremony) and The Georgian Bay Club (Reception)
  9. 05.31.08 - Pauline & Chris - Delta Rocky Crest Resort, MacTier, Muskoka ON
  10. 06.07.08 - Deanna & Scott - Severn Lodge, Port Severn, Muskoka ON
  11. 07.12.08 - Mary Ann & Kevin - Maxwell, ON
  12. 07.19.08 - Sheri & Geoff - Blue Mountain Resorts, Collingwood ON
  13. 07.26.08 - Jackie & Chris - Priceville, ON
  14. 08.08.08 - Katie & Brady - Lion’s Head, ON
  15. 08.16.08 - Katy & Rob - Drayton, ON
  16. 08.23.08 - Melanie & Jeremy - Blue Mountain Resorts, Collingwood, ON
  17. 08.30.08 - Candace & Mark - Zurich, ON (Ceremony) & Fire Rock Golf Club, Komoka ON
  18. 08.31.08 - Amanda & Ben - Fairholm Island, Muskoka ON
  19. 09.06.08 - Andrea & Dave - Waterview on the Bay Resort, Wiarton ON
  20. 09.20.08 - Chrissy & Guy - Collingwood, ON (Ceremony) and Raven Golf Club at Lora Bay, Thornbury ON (Reception)
  21. 09.27.08 - Sara & Chris - Kincardine, ON
  22. 10.04.08 - Natalie & Sandy - Durham, ON
  23. 10.11.08 - Jennifer & Geoffrey - The GreeneStone Resort, Bala, Muskoka ON


  1. Amy & Allen
  2. Mylagh & Rick
  3. Jenn & Jimmy
  4. Jenn & Yuron


  1. Melanie & Jeremy - Part 1
  2. Melanie & Jeremy - Part 2
  3. Andrea & Dave


  1. Kearin & Brian - Bloor West Village, Toronto ON
  2. Pauline & Chris - Goderich, ON
  3. Melissa & Mathew - Eugenia Falls, ON
  4. Sara & Chris - Eugenia Falls, ON
  5. Chrissy & Guy - Eugenia Falls, ON
  6. Andrea & Dave - Guelph, ON
  7. Natalie & Sandy - Eugenia Falls, ON
  8. Katie & Brady - Lion’s Head, ON
  9. Jennifer & Geoffrey - Eugenia Falls, ON
  10. Jillian & Ryan - Eugenia Falls, ON and Old Baldy Conservation Area, Kimberley ON
  11. Tosha & Jamie - The Village at Blue Mountain, Collingwood ON


  1. Josiah
  2. Zachary
  3. Rachael & Joshua
  4. Nancy & Meredith


  1. Jennifer
  2. Andrea
posted May 20th, 2009 by Stacey

Back in December I got together with Nancy and her younger sister Meredith for some…..Sister Portraits! We did a one hour photo shoot during an absolutely freezing cold day (like minus 30 Celsius with the wind chill), but N and M were troopers and survived the hour without perishing.

Nancy and Meredith wanted unique portrait prints to give to their family as Christmas gifts - here are just a few from the session:

“Anytime Sessions” are always a great gift to family members on any occasion!